Orbit Works offers writers the opportunity to be published by one of the world’s leading science fiction and fantasy publishing teams.

World-class science fiction and fantasy publishing

The Orbit team based in New York has been publishing science fiction and fantasy since 2007 and is now established as one of the most dynamic and successful SFF publishing teams in the world. Our authors have become New York Times bestsellers, won Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards, and sold millions of copies worldwide.

An editor to support you every step of the way

Your editor will work with you to shape your manuscript, guide you through the publishing process, and help you build a successful writing career.

Bespoke marketing campaigns

Our marketing and publicity team will work with you to create innovative and exciting promotional campaigns to launch your book and build your readership. With tailored advertising campaigns, publicity outreach to reviewers and influencers, and promotion through Orbit’s newsletter and social media marketing channels, our team will make sure your marketing campaign reaches thousands of dedicated SFF readers.

Outstanding cover design

The Orbit art department has a reputation for creating some of the most exciting cover designs in the business. Working closely with authors at every stage of the process, our brilliant art department will make sure your cover stands out in any crowd.

Global distribution guaranteed

Our global distribution channels and relationships with major retailers will ensure your book is available to readers everywhere in the world. And with regular metadata updates, your book will always be presented in the best way, and at the right price.

Publishing every author in ebook and audio formats

Orbit Works will publish every author in both ebook and audiobook–the audiobook being produced by the award-winning Hachette Book Group audio team. When possible, your book will also be available in print through our print-on-demand program.

Our royalty rates

We pay authors a 50% of net revenue royalty on every ebook sold, and a 25% of net revenue royalty of every audiobook sold. And, to be clear, Orbit will never charge authors for any part of the book creation or publishing process. To find out more about Orbit Works royalty rates, check out our FAQ page.