Why is the ebook royalty rate higher than the rate usually paid by publishers?

As a digital publisher, we do not incur the considerable costs needed to get physical books into stores. Since we don’t pay advances, the payments received by authors are directly proportional to the number of copies sold. As a result, we are able to pay higher royalties and ensure that every publishing success is shared between author and publisher.

Why is the audiobook royalty rate lower than the ebook royalty rate?

Your ebook royalty rate is an industry-leading 50% of net revenue. Since audiobook production incurs considerable additional costs, we pay authors a royalty of 25% of net revenue on audiobook sales in order to remain profitable ourselves.

Does Orbit charge authors for any publishing costs?

Absolutely not. Orbit will never charge an author for any part of the publishing process, whether that’s editing, production, design, or marketing.

How often will I get paid?

Orbit sends royalty statements semiannually, with royalty periods running from January-June and July-December.